Credit cards: How to turn around the cost of membership?

If you are looking for a way to build your credit history, a credit card is the ideal way to achieve it, because it allows you to demonstrate to the bank that you can be responsible in its use, without over-borrowing and making payments in a timely manner. In addition, it does not have to represent an expense because, in most of them, if you consume on a regular basis, that is, every month a minimum amount, you will not have to pay the annual membership.

However, for many, the idea of ​​obtaining a plastic is not so fun because they do not seek to use it regularly, and that leads them to face another problem: how to avoid the cost of membership in that case? In some cards this cost can reach up to s / .250, which is not an amount that can be wasted from good to first. 

Make sure to exonerate the cost

credit card with money cash

If this is your case and you are thinking of acquiring a card, but not with the intention of using it regularly, there is a strategy that you can use to eliminate the cost of membership: automatic payment. This means that you can affiliate the payment of different services that you normally perform in cash or through your debit card, to your new credit card. In this way.

month by month there will be movement on your card

credit card with money cash

And it will not represent an extra expense because you will cancel the services in the same way as always, simply being careful with the cut and payment dates of your plastic. For example, you can choose to link the payment of your cell phone, your landline or even your vehicle insurance, cancer insurance, among others.

Now, before applying for the card, it will be important that you ensure that the cost of membership is not the highest and that it has no other associated costs. For that, you can use the Bela Keriteristo credit card comparator and thus verify what are the alternatives available for your profile and check if you have a pre-approved card.


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