Austrian loans for BAR-listers

If you want to get a loan from a debt list, it will probably not be easy. Unfortunately, Hungarian banks keep debtors on the list of debtors for years and decades (for as long as a problem loan lasts longer and a major home loan can last up to 35 years).

There is no pardon and no appeal, no matter why you were unable to pay, because even if you were interested in why you didn’t pay, the KHR list does not address this. There you only seem to be a “problematic customer”. So credit is not easy for BAR listers, but what’s the solution? Austrian credit is the best solution. Not only because you can get it even if you are in active debt list, but your conditions are better anyway than Hungarian loans.

Austrian loans are always mortgages

Aspecial kind of mortgage that is primarily for residential purposes, and if you want to borrow more, you can add any other real estate. In addition, real estate owned by a minor can be used to apply for an Austrian loan! The loan amount is at least EUR 20,000, which means that the real estate has to significantly exceed this amount (typically 50-60% of the market value of the property is paid by Austrian banks).

There is no upper limit if you, for example, you can get hundreds of millions – if you have real estate or real estate of good value.

In addition, KHR listers get the same interest rate as any other customer – as we emphasize, no one in Austria knows that you are a member of the BAR or KHR list, and maybe they do not even know that we have one. system.

The interest rate is therefore always between 6.4% and 7.1% – the Austrian loan application is subject to an individual assessment each time. So if you would like to apply for a Austrian loan as a BAR lister, use the calculator to get an early repayment estimate, contact us, we will ask Austria for a preliminary credit assessment, and then we will help you to apply for the loan to the final step. You will actually have nothing to do and will not realize that you have borrowed abroad.

NEW: The BAR list can be obtained free of charge and unlimited

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In accordance with applicable law, all natural and non-natural persons (ie individuals and sole proprietorships) may have access to their KHR (formerly BAR) records, that is to say, the right to have access to the data recorded in the Central Credit Information System (KHR). This way, you can easily find out if you are on the BAR list, if any, with active or passive status. Loans for active BAR listers are much harder to resolve, so it is not at all the case that you have KRH status – you should look for information before taking out a loan.

In order to access this information, that is to say, to request it, the so-called “My Credit Report” for the KHR must be requested and more information on the process can be found here. These reports shall contain all the information on the person requesting the report. There are no charges or fees for My Credit Report, so it’s 100% free.

The Central Credit Information System

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Formerly known as the Interbank Debtor and Credit Information System (BAR). From 1995 to 2005, BAR existed under this name, when it came to loans, everyone knew right away that something was in trouble, it was almost a sigh of relief. Indebtedness, CHF and other horrors. Today, all debtors, co-debtors, guarantors and mortgagors are on the BAR list, but it does not matter how our name appears . One part serves merely as a record for creditors, while the other is a cause for alarm, with negative debtors, fraudsters and criminals being counted. This list of BARs is accessible to all financial institutions, as it is in the basic interest of all financial institutions to check the status of all actors when applying for credit.

Why? All credit reviews are based on the fact that even if you are not a bad debtor, but you already have credit in two places that can fit into your income (for the sake of illustration, credit assessment is much more influenced by reality than just the BAR list) , Bank 3 does not necessarily lend to the claimant because of malicious intent, but because your monthly expenses are already high enough. This is in the interests of both the debtor and the banks . If the debtor receives the loan and does not pay, he is blacklisted, the bank can take his car, his house, and withdraw X% of his income each month. Until this system was in place, there was less trust on both sides.

The debtor tried to take out a loan with every bank

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And the bank considered all its customers to be fraudulent, not paying their debts and trying to protect their situation with high interest rates. That is why it is difficult to lend credit to BAR listers today. There is a counterexample. There was a time long years ago when not a small, weaker bank or financial company went bankrupt, because they could say, without credit, smaller loans, no more. People borrowed as much as they could, and when they did not win the repayment, the bank could never recover the debt and went bankrupt. Larger banks will survive such scams, of course, but it is understandable if they are not enthusiastic about such customers.

If you are on the BAR list, you should be aware that the process of borrowing is very difficult, even if you are only pledged for the transaction. However, if the bank is positive about the application, it will usually only grant loans on less favorable terms.

In many cases, but also as a debtor, only eg. Being a guarantor on a loan can make it very difficult to get a loan. If a debt is due, even indirectly, to our name, the bank will probably classify it as a riskier customer . Of course, this also depends on the amount, whether there was a backlog before the other contract, etc., if we do not know that there is any problem with the contract, there is no need to worry. The BAR list is not only for the benefit of the banks, but also for the positive debtors , as the banks also see if we have / had a well paid loan. What, however, can be a benefit when applying for a later loan and a more favorable interest rate on a case-by-case basis, so today, credit can be quite different for BAR listers than a few years ago, with a positive debt list.

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