Employees, 3 Million Salaries Want To Credit iPhone 6, How Do They?

You certainly are familiar with iPhone 6 products that have become a trend in Indonesia. Besides being sophisticated, this product is also an event to show off because it has a high value of pride in the eyes of the community. Although having a comparatively mediocre salary, there are still several ways to get an iPhone 6. This time Sadie Thompson will discuss how to get it.

But before deciding to buy an iPhone 6 you have to make sure that other needs are met. In financial planning there are several financial goals that must be prioritized. For example, emergency funds and insurance. Make sure you have prepared protection for yourself before fulfilling the desire to buy an iPhone 6.



iphone credit

Whenever you really need an item at a price that is quite expensive but does not have large amounts of money, you can use the installment facility. Although installment facilities are not offered in all stores, the iPhone 6 is a type of item that can generally be purchased with an installment system. Try to use the installment facilities available at various iPhone 6 sellers. It’s just that the installment interest is usually quite high, if possible look for a bank that offers 0% installments. This promotion will be very beneficial for you.

It’s just that before deciding to take installments you must take into account your financial abilities first. First, calculate what your income and expenses are. Make a budget list that covers all your monthly expenses. After that, calculate how much money you can collect to pay for the iPhone 6 installments you want to buy.

The amount of funds that can be collected must be greater or equal to the monthly installments of the iPhone 6. Don’t forget, even though credit cards can offer 0% interest, usually there are still costs to be paid at the outset. This fee must also be included in the calculation. Do not let you assume that the costs to be paid are only installments and finally you make the budget too mediocre.

If you have not been able to pay the installments, you should delay the purchase of the iPhone 6. The desired item should make you happy. But if you force yourself to take installments even though you know you can’t pay them, you’re just digging your own debt hole and falling into it.




The second way (and more recommended) is to invest. Investment is the only way to achieve financial freedom. If investment can bring you to financial freedom, why can’t it be used to reach the iPhone 6?

Many people often misinterpret saving and investing as the same thing, when in fact it is different. If you only save money in a regular savings account to get the desired item, the money will never develop. Interest offered by ordinary savings is very small, even smaller than the inflation rate. As a result, your money will actually decrease because of eroded inflation. While if the money is invested, you can benefit. That way the funds collected will also decrease because investment interest can help meet needs. By using the money invested, you can directly buy an iPhone 6 in cash, no need to use installments. Therefore, the total price paid is definitely cheaper because there is no need to pay installments or transaction fees.

If you want to buy an iPhone 6 within 1 year, you should look for investment products that can be cashed in the short term. For example, mutual funds. You can sell and buy mutual fund units whenever you want to on a working day. That way when the funds have been collected, you can immediately withdraw the money invested.


Which is the best choice?


Each alternative certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you use installments, you can get the desired item at that time. It’s just that if accumulated, the price of the iPhone 6 will be more expensive because of the added interest and / or credit card transaction fees. Meanwhile, if you invest to get the iPhone 6, you don’t need to pay installments or transaction fees. Because the investment results of the iPhone 6 can be purchased in cash. It’s just that you have to be a little patient if you want to buy an iPhone 6 using investment funds.

Because the best choice must be tailored to your needs. If the iPhone 6 is a very urgent need, you should use an alternative installment. Do not get the job or activity hampered because they do not have the funds to buy it. But if the iPhone 6 is not a top priority, you should choose to invest. That way you do not ‘lose’ because the interest installments or credit card transaction fees are quite expensive.

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